Swedish Massage (60min/$120 | 90min/$135)

A therapeutic massage designed to improve blood flow to the skin and muscle to relieve tension. Great for stress relief, relaxation, improving circulation, and releasing cramped or tense muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage (60min/$120 | 90min/$135)

This massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. The slower strokes and deep finger pressure helps alleviate areas of tension caused by repetitive strain, postural problems, or past injuries.

Lymphatic Detoxification Massage (60min/$120 | 90min/$170)

Designed to help your body detoxify by giving your lymphatic system an extra push. Using very light, gentle, repetitive strokes to stimulate the activity of the lymphatic system to help reduce swelling and improve circulation.

HOT STONE MASSAGE (60MIN/$120 | 90MIN/$170)

This massage balances and centers the energy in your body.  The heat from the hot stones helps release the tension in the muscles so they can be worked on more effectively. Great for releasing muscle tension and providing an energy boost.

Aromatherapy Massage (60min/$120 | 90min/ $170)

Applying one or more essential oils that addresses specific needs to help relax, energize, reduce stress, balance and more. Great for those who are looking to relieve mental, and emotional stress.